Frequently Asked Questions

How much deposit do I need to secure a booking?

We ask for a 50 % deposit at the time of booking and the rest payable 30 Days prior to departure.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept credit cards (Visa & Master). You may also pay by Bank transfer to our account.

Do I need a visa?

If you possess a valid entry visa to UAE or Oman you will not need any visa requirements to be on board our cruise. If you are a national from any of the EU countries, North America, Australia or Japan you can obtain an entry visit visa upon arrival to any UAE or Oman Airport. For other nationalities, you can easily apply for a tourist visa to Dubai from your local UAE embassy.

Do I need insurance?

We prefer for all divers to have a valid insurance policy that covers them for scuba diving. Our vessels however are insured against any accidents that occur to the vessel.

What currency do I need to have?

The UAE Dirham is fixed on the dollar, and you would not gain or loose if you change it, in order to pay us.

What sort of clothes should I pack for the live aboard?

We are an informal cruise. During the months from April to October all you really need are a couple of swimsuits and some shorts and T-shirts. During the winter months it does get a little cold in the evenings where a light jumper or jacket will be needed. Don’t forget to pack a hat and sun tan lotion to protect you from the sun.

What are the air and water temperatures?

The air temperatures here vary according to seasons. The lowest day temperature in Jan – Feb may reach 14°C and the highest is commonly 40°C in summer with 100% humidity. Not to worry our vessels are fully air-conditioned. The water temperature ranges from 20°C – 32°C.

What sort of food and drinks are served onboard?

The menu offers a variety of local & international cuisines. All the food is freshly cooked onboard the vessel. The menu is of buffet style and consists of main courses, salad’s fruits, and sweets. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

Tea, coffee and water from the dispenser are available free of charge at all time.

What communications are available on board?

All our vessels are equipped with satellite phones that have coverage anywhere in the sea. We are also equipped with standard VHF marine radio’s.

What kind of electricity supply is there on the vessels?

The vessels have 220v supplies. Plug sockets accept 3 pin square and round pins. If you are used to 110v supply you will need to bring your own transformer.

Are towels supplied?

Towels for use in the cabins are supplied but we recommend that you bring your own towel to take aboard for use after diving or swimming.

What sort of wet suit should I bring?

For the warm seasons no wet suit or a thin lycra suit would be enough, and a 3mm – 5mm during the cold seasons would be required.

What diving equipment is available for hire on board?

We have all equipment available for hire. We do not have dive computers for hire.

What type of tanks do you have on board?

On all our vessels we have international fitting, aluminum 11L tanks.

What can I expect when diving?

A fully equipped on-board diving room will cater to your needs. The Musandam is a pristine new destination, the deep drop-offs and cool water upwelling provides an abundance of plankton making this area a rich feeding ground for a large and colorful variety of marine life. Turtles, Reef sharks, Dolphins, Whale sharks, plus all the reef fish and corals of the Indian Ocean are usually spotted, and Hammerheads, Minke Whales & Sunfish have been seen.

Unforeseen Events:

If departure of your cruise is not advisable – or may be dangerous to the life or health of the passengers or to the boat, due to conditions such as: bad weather, peril of the sea, Acts of God, political incidents, force majeure – then the captain and operations has the sole discretion to delay or cancel the cruise departure. Likewise during the cruise, if bad weather or force majeure events occur that make it inadvisable for passengers to land or for the boat to enter port. Then the captain shall have the right to delay or postpone sailing until conditions allow, and to make adjustments to the itinerary that may include cancellation of calls to ports, or the re-sequencing of island visits. In accordance with the industry norm, cancelled cruises and vacations entitle you to a 100% refund of monies paid, less any bank charges incurred. Shortened trips entitle you to a proportionate refund, delayed trips to a choice of refund or re-scheduled trip, and lengthened trips have no extra charge! Re-sequencing of destinations is not considered satisfactory justification for a refund. In the unlikely event of a cruise being cancelled due to insufficient reservations we will alert you to this as soon as we become aware of the danger. In these circumstances we will take all reasonable steps to ensure you receive an alternative and comparable cruise. Al Marsa reserves the right to change the dhow at anytime as it may be required to do unscheduled maintenance from time to time