Al Marsa Musandam was created by two men with a passion for diving and a desire to preserve the unspoilt beauty of the eastern Musandam region of Oman.

About Al Marsa Musandam:

Al Marsa Dhows have the privilege of entering the breathtaking world of the northern Hajjar mountain range Ru’us al Jibal with its awesome rugged ‘Fjord‐like’ coastline known as the eastern Musandam Peninsula. It is here, surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman, that one of help with thesis writing the widest bio-diversities of marine species can be found anywhere in the world. The deep drops‐offs and cool water upwelling, provide an abundance of plankton, making this a rich feeding ground for a huge variety of marine life and coral gardens.
Perhaps more than this is the almost indescribable beauty of nature here itself, clear starlit nights, panoramic ocean seascapes, hidden coastal villages with their interesting history and traditions in dhow building and fishing. We have top of the range Arabic Dhows that cruise you up into these hidden bays, which are for the most part, inaccessible from the land. Every vessel we have is fully equipped (including satellite communication) for cruising and living on-board with air conditioned cabins, large open sun decks ,freshly prepared meals by our on-board chefs and all the facilities for diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, paragliding and micro lighting.